Lady Bird Line Groomers Pants Suit

Those whose line of work is in the beauty field such as nail technicians and veterinary such as pet groomers often find it difficult to get a great outter wear that is suitable for their occupation – which is a shame. Below is a list of four Groomers Pants Suits recommendation from Ladybird Line.

  • Red Zipper Jacket

This red zipper jacket and pants from Ladybird line may seem simple in terms of design, but the red lines although simplistic gives it a sophisticated look that is incredibly appealing. With just $64.99 you can have this light weight, water and bleach resistant, machine washable piece of Groomers Pants Suits that is suitable for pet groomers, estheticians, nail technicians, and stylists.

  • Blue Grooming Jacket

This blue rhinestone jacket is not only ideal for stylists, estheticians, and nail technicians, but also pet groomers. It has two side-pockets, adjustable back belt, rhinestone zipper, draw string with elastic waist on the back, zipper in its lower leg. Not only that, at an affordable price of $68.99 this blue rhinestones jacket and suit is already water repellant and bleach resistant, which makes your job a bit easier as you no longer have to worry about staining your clothes at work.

  • Groomer Rhinestone Jacket

A good work wear that is as versatile as it is attractive, Groomer Rhinestones pants suit is a great choice for pet groomers, nail techs, stylists and estheticians who need a light weight pants and suit with round neck, two side pockets, and adjustable belt on the back.

  • Mesh back Jacket

Estheticians, nail techs and stylists will be delighted when they see this pants and suit because not only it offers the same functionality, it comes with a design that looks lovely. The best thing is, this mesh back jacket Groomers Pants Suits is also extremely affordable for just $61.99!

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