Great Tips to Keep Your Nail Beautiful and Healthy All the Time

Beauty is not always about the face. If you want to look ethereal from head to toe, you also need to keep your hands pretty and healthy by taking care of your nails. Taking care of nails is actually pretty easy but you need to be diligent and meticulous.

One of the best thing you can do to keep your hand pretty is to polish your nail. Nail art is very popular nowadays and there are many options you can take to beautify your nail. To ensure durable long lasting nail, of course you need to apply a layer of coating above the nail polish. However, you also need to remember to apply a coating before you apply the nail polish. This is a very important step that most people often forget to do. Base coat will prevent the nail polish from changing the natural color of your nail and it also will make the color of the polish more attractive.

Furthermore, no matter how big your love for nail art is, you need to give your nail a break every once in a while. Just like wearing makeup all the time will affect your skin negatively, your nail also will suffer if it is covered with nail art all the time. To prevent damage to your nail, make sure you use non-toxic wipe-free soak off gel polish. It will not harm your nail and it also lasts very long so you don’t have to put too many layers.

You also should not forget to cut your nails and clean the cuticles. Even if long nail is more desirable for nail art, you should not hesitate to cut it if you see signs of damage. Short nail is far better than broken nail and you can always let it grow again after you make your nail healthier.

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