Great Tips to Keep Your Nail Beautiful and Healthy All the Time

Beauty is not always about the face. If you want to look ethereal from head to toe, you also need to keep your hands pretty and healthy by taking care of your nails. Taking care of nails is actually pretty easy but you need to be diligent and meticulous.

One of the best thing you can do to keep your hand pretty is to polish your nail. Nail art is very popular nowadays and there are many options you can take to beautify your nail. To ensure durable long lasting nail, of course you need to apply a layer of coating above the nail polish. However, you also need to remember to apply a coating before you apply the nail polish. This is a very important step that most people often forget to do. Base coat will prevent the nail polish from changing the natural color of your nail and it also will make the color of the polish more attractive.

Furthermore, no matter how big your love for nail art is, you need to give your nail a break every once in a while. Just like wearing makeup all the time will affect your skin negatively, your nail also will suffer if it is covered with nail art all the time. To prevent damage to your nail, make sure you use non-toxic wipe-free soak off gel polish. It will not harm your nail and it also lasts very long so you don’t have to put too many layers.

You also should not forget to cut your nails and clean the cuticles. Even if long nail is more desirable for nail art, you should not hesitate to cut it if you see signs of damage. Short nail is far better than broken nail and you can always let it grow again after you make your nail healthier.

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Streetwear Fashion Community

It is said that you are what you wear. Fashion is more than just the outfit you wear but it is all about presenting yourself and create the right image. For some people, fashion is also a manifestation of their spirit and what they believe. These days, more and more people choosing streetwear as their fashion style. They feel comfortable to wear streetwear to represent their spirit and passion.

As someone with youthful passion, streetwear style seems very interesting. But don’t forget you also need to build the right image as a young professional. When you are looking for streetwear outfit be sure you choose the one that really fits your personality and able to set the right tone. There’s one place where you can find the right outfit for your streetwear style and that place is Draped Up. It is an e-commerce platform for fashion products specializing in streetwear styles. This platform is designed as online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet while creating fair pricing. Entrepreneurs like fashion designers, independent fashion labels, and fashion sellers can offer and sell their products through this platform where their brand and products can be exposed to many potential buyers.

For fashion enthusiasts and potential buyers like you, Draped Up allows you to keep updated with the latest trend in streetwear. You can find many amazing products offered there including innovative products from new brands or new labels. More than just a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet, Draped Up also create a fashion community focusing on streetwear style. Within this community, everyone can take part to develop new style and new trend in streetwear. There’s no more reason to hesitate. This is the best place to find the right outfit that represents your sense of style. It’s time to draped up, so don’t miss this opportunity.

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Sporty Looks For Every Girl


Every glamour girl has a sporty side. Whether a sporty edge is your normal swagger or you prefer a glitzier presence, sporty style is trending and anyone can rock it. You can update your style to incorporate sporty trends easily; simply add some new street-wear pieces to your wardrobe and mix and match with your signature style.  It is the perfect look for a summer full of fun.

Step Out With Sneakers

Sneakers are the new pumps. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration; however, sneakers are becoming more and more fashionable. Many celebs have developed unique lines with top sneaker brands and this has led to many colors and style options.  There are tons of great options to start your sneaker collection, but a stylish tennis shoe in a solid color is often the way to go. Grab a plane white, red or blue sneaker and hit the summer with a new pep in your step.

Chic Hair Cut

Update your hair with a super trendy cut this summer. Take some length off and experiment with different textures and shapes. Some super cute style options include a pixie cut, a long bob or full layers to upgrade your look with some dimension to your hair. Include luxury hair extensions for body and volume.  Luxury hair extensions are great to add to any hairstyle. Incorporating hair extensions into your hairstyle is an easy way to try a new style and a new color, while adding volume & cover for thinning hair.  Chop it off this summer!

Edgy Makeup

Edge-up your makeup with vampy lips and bold eyeliner. Edgy makeup is a great way to include girly aesthetic into sporty style. It is easy for the two looks to clash, but it is just as easy for them to flow. Keep your makeup look clean and light with a bold lip and eyeliner look. A flirty lash is also a great accessory. Scout out your favorite tutorials on YouTube for inspiration.

Fashion Forward Flats

Sneakers are not the only fab shoe choice for sporty style. Flat shoes are great for nailing evening looks. Oxfords, loafers, mules, and D’orsay flats are all great choices for finishing a great outfit.  Flats can be more comfortable than heels and still have the same chic effect.  A sleek pair of black flats will look great with any outfit. Want to go bold?  Purchase a pair of flats that make a louder statement than your highest heel.  Metallics, fur, studs and more are all great options.

Flaunt A Bodycon

The bodycon dress is a staple in the sporty closet. This form-fitting piece comes in multiple lengths, an infinite number of colors and patterns, and is created by various brands at every price point. Bodycon dresses can even be thrifted. They are available to everyone and look great on most body shapes. The bodycon is essential to nailing sporty style because of its versatility; it can easily pair with sneakers and flats.  Finish styling with a dope handbag, and killer pair of sunglasses for top notch sporty style all summer long.

My name is Christopher guest and I write for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

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Women’s Business Attire Made Easier to Understand

What you wear defines who you are. How you dress is how you presents yourself to other people. As a professional woman, you really how important it is to dress well. We all know that first impression lasts forever. You need to be able to give a good impression to any person since the first meeting that you are a professional with good manner and good skill.

Fashion style is about accentuating who you really are. You need to show your true personality. But don’t forget, there’re rules when it comes to business attire. It is important to make sure that you are able to present yourself decently. Understanding the right business attire to show professional image is one important skill every professional should have. Knowing about women’s business attire can be quite challenging especially with the ever changing trends in fashion and not to mention compromising with your own sense of style. Pure Jobs, the leading online source for everything related to jobs and hiring, has helpful source for women to create professional image. It is a visually attractive, intuitive, and highly informative infographic of business attire’s guide for woman. This is everything you need to help you look both chic and professional every day.

Business attire can be a very sophisticated thing to understand. There’re rules and so many do’s and don’ts. Sometime, those rules are not easy to understand. But with the infographic you can find on Pure Jobs, it is made so much easier. Follow the guideline there to find your personal style without crossing the line. You will love the guide to mix and match different types of outfit. There’s no more reason to become not confident with your own appearance. This is what you need to present yourself as a true professional woman with your fashion style.

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Perfect Eyebrows Every Time

Ladies, how long did you usually spend every morning to do your eyebrows? I bet it is a lot of time. It is highly understandable that for most women, perfect eyebrows are everything. Without it, their makeup won’t be perfect and they won’t go out the house before they are satisfied with their perfectly drawn eyebrows. But we all know, it can be really tiring and not to mention a lot of complaints from our partner. It is time to get out of that misery. We need to have perfect eyebrows every time we need it even when we wake up from sleep. Microblading is the right answer.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo to create a perfect look of natural eyebrows that will last for several months. Like a tattoo procedure, pigments are inserted into the skin to mimic the color of natural hair. This procedure is safe when it is executed by a professional cosmetic tattoo artist. This is the reason why you need to only choose a professional certified for microblading eyebrows. Reign in Riches is the leading name for the best microblading procedures of eyebrows in Toronto. This microblading studio has team of certified professional cosmetic tattoo artists with extensive training and experience in microblading procedures.

At Reign in Riches, all professional artists believe that everyone deserves the perfect eyebrows. No wonder they will treat each and every client based on individual needs and preferences. It is all started with the “golden ratio” to determine the right eyebrows’ contour for optimum aesthetic. The procedure won’t take a lot of time and guaranteed to bring optimum result. Using topical anesthetic, you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. There’s no need to waste a lot of time every morning or every time you want to go out just to get perfect eyebrows. With this procedure, you can have perfect eyebrows every time and enjoy more of your time for better things.

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All Natural Oils for the Best Face Care

Facial care is one of the most sophisticated thing. Everybody wants to have a smooth silky face skin and it is only possible when we are committed to give our face the best of care it deserves. It requires daily treatments to keep the skin nourished, remove dirt and oils, and to prevent the effects of aging. Once again, it is a very sophisticated thing and even choosing the right face care products can be really challenging.

The most important thing is understanding your own skin, its type and characteristics then to find the right products suitable for it. Natural products are more recommended as it will give nutrition and other benefits to the skin with no possible side effects. Sadly, most skincare products are filled with filler and preservatives with only small amount of natural ingredients that actually the ones that really counts. So, why don’t you focus on the important ones and forget the other? With face oils it becomes really possible. Face Oils is a skincare company focusing on plant-based natural oils. Its products are single or blend of essential oils extracted from different types of plants. Those oils are rich of nutrition, antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients that will give optimum benefits to your skin.

Fine Oils is proud to have huge commitment on all natural high quality products. It has advanced processing technology to ensure high purity of essential oils and maintaining the quality of its ingredients. All products contain no preservatives, artificial fragrances, nor mineral oils. Each product comes with expert formula to deliver the best all natural benefits for your skin. Using the essential oils for daily face treatment will give you significant effect. Visit the website to learn more about the product lines and don’t hesitate to find the preferred one for your face care.

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Breitling Chronomat Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

If you want to buy authentic Breitling Chronomat, you also have to understand how to take care of it. The watch is very expensive so making sure that you can maintain it well is definitely the right thing to do. Thankfully, taking care of your Chronomat is not difficult at all. Here are some important things you need to do.

Watch for Extreme Temperatures

Chronomat, and all Breitling watches in general, is designed to function in temperatures between 0 degree to 50 degree Celcius. If you expose your Chronomat to higher temperature for a long time, the battery will be compromised. And if you bring it to a very cold area below 0 degree Celcius, there will be a problem with the precision.

Clean Carefully

You need to clean the watch regularly to prevent dust from accumulation, especially if your skin is prone to irritation. To clean your Chronomat, simply prepare a toothbrush and liquid soap. Brush the watch carefully and then rinse with water until clean. You can also use the same method to clean Chronomat with leather strap. However, make sure the water will not touch the leather because it can compromise the quality of the leather in the long run. If you accidentally splash the leather strap with water, simply wipe it immediately with a clean cloth.

Beware of Shocks

Breitling watches are made to last. It is very strong, durable and it will stay in good condition even with intensive daily use. However, it doesn’t mean that you can treat the watch harshly. You still need to give it a good care. Make sure you don’t drop the watch or bump it into hard objects. Even though the watch is very durable, hard shocks can still mess up with the mechanism and precision of the watch, not to mention the glass may break too.

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A Gift that Goes the Extra Mile for Love



There are a lot of cute gift ideas out there you could spoil your girlfriend with, but when it comes to picking out a present whose beauty is equally matched by the significance of its message, then jewelry has got to be the number one item on many a girl’s wish list.

Although the prospect of getting her a special ring or beautiful necklace might sound a bit old-fashioned, what with all the crazy gift ideas currently floating around on various social media sites, the final result can be unexpected and exciting, if you know where to look that is. After all, jewelry with meaning to it is the kind of gift that tells the stories of our lives – it reminds us what we’ve been through and can be a source of strength for what is yet to come.

Naturally you wouldn’t expect any old bauble to be up to the task. The right piece has to have character, be strong enough to handle whatever challenges she goes through every day, and, most important of all, it should reflect how deeply you cherish the person that will receive it. A dainty necklace will do the trick, provided it has what it takes.

Take for example this sterling silver necklace for women by Nano Jewelry. If you only glance at its surface you’ll see an elegant onyx stone set against the splendid silver of its chain and frame. Once this captures your attention and you take a closer look at what the stone has to offer though, things take on a more intriguing light. You see, the onyx is adorned with a detailed, pure 24k gold imprint which will never fade or lose its brilliance as the years go by. Better yet, the imprint is unique because Nano Jewelry is able to make such creations more elaborately and with greater detail than anyone else. She won’t just be getting a high-quality necklace, but a declaration of love that can’t be imitated as well.


And what a declaration it is! Expressing one’s love with the three most beautiful words in the English language would be a good start, but adding the strength of these same words in another 119 languages from across the globe makes this amazing gift for her resound with a chorus of love and positive energy. What are the love languages she’ll enjoy the most? You’ll both find out soon enough since a petite magnifying glass accompanies the small necklace as a special surprise and will let her discover each golden word’s secrets. To make this womans gift idea complete, both items are nestled into an interesting box.


Supremely romantic, unconventionally beautiful and in a class of its own, this is the kind of necklace for girlfriend that will make the expression of your feelings much more colorful and shows you’ve done some careful considering when picking it out, and that’s something she’s sure to recognize and appreciate almost as much as the thoughtful gift for her itself.


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Going Above and Beyond for That Amazing Gift

3011002111113One could spend hours pondering and arguing over what the best presents for women are, but the crucial thing to keep in mind is that it’s the thought that counts, whatever you intend to surprise her with. No, not in a “well, at least you tried” way, but in a manner that lets her see clearly that you’ve done your “research” and have come up with an exceptional and fun gift for her, a symbol of both your feelings and appreciation of the person she really is. This doesn’t exactly make choosing a gift to get your girlfriend or wife easier, but at least you won’t end up with something she’ll hate, or a thing she already has.

Going for something unique on top of this is another safe bet. Be that a hand-crafted token you’ve put hours of dedicated work into, or an unusual gift for her you’ve found online, the fact that nothing else like it exists will mean a lot more to her than she’ll let on.

If you decide to go for the former, prepare for a frustrating but ultimately rewarding experience, especially if you aren’t the arts & crafts type. On the other hand, if you’d like to forgo the hassle /and possibly a sore thumb) that comes with the hands-on approach, but still insist on an awesome gift for her that has no equal, then why not take a look at some unique jewelry for women?

There’s no better way of making your feelings abundantly clear and dazzling her with a womans gift idea that’s as meaningful as it is practical, all in one stroke of genius! Nano Jewelry is already way ahead of you – they’ve created an intriguing and beautiful necklace which fits the bill perfectly.

Its premise is as simple as can be, but the flawless execution and novel design make this ladies gold necklace much more than a bauble you’d be able to find anywhere. Its central theme is the celebration of love, in 120 languages no less, all of which are imprinted using 24 karat pure gold. While this does give it the air of a luxury gift for her, it still doesn’t make the necklace extraordinary. That’s where Nano Jewelry’s ingenuity comes in. They’ve developed a proprietary process without which such fine levels of detail wouldn’t be possible. Since they’re the only ones that can pull this off, their dainty jewelry is unmatched!


Soon you’ll be whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ear and declare love in other languages both familiar and exotic. A complimentary custom-made magnifying glass makes sure that she won’t miss outon any of the delicate words’ splendor, and the fine box everything comes bundled inside of will only add to the experience.

Top womens gifts have an impact on one’s life – they represent the essence of emotion and are a trove of memories and future promises. Choose the right one carefully, and heartfelt gratitude will be a reward as great as the present itself.


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The Recommended Holees Shoes for Hanging Out

Do you search comfortable shoes for your kids and yourself? You need to check the quality and comfort of the shoes. Don’t worry about the choice of cozy shoes. You just pick out Holees Shoes as the major option for the shoes. Holees is a kind of excellent quality shoes brand. The brand proffers different shoes in a different colors, prices, and models depending on the needs of customers. These are the recommended Holees Shoes below.

Holees Kids Mary Jane Kids Footwear

If you love pink shoes, you may select Holees Mary Jane Pink White.  This is a cute pair of shoes making your appearance chic and pretty nice. It has a color combination of pink and white. Pink color covers the body part of the shoes. Meanwhile, white color dominates the bottom part of the shoes. It looks cutely attractive with the colors. It also adds string on the center of the shoes strengthening the shoes. It doesn’t make it get lose during wearing it. A pair of Holees shoes is sold in the market at £19.99. The size is available in some sizes based on the kids feet sizes. If you want to buy the shoes, you can pay additional cost for UK delivery about £3.50. That is an ultimate choice of kids’ shoes.

Holees Ballerina Shoes

Holees Shoes also provide another choice of women shoes. It is called as Holees Ballerina Navy White. It has a color combination, navy and white. This is a ballerina shoes design. The navy color covers body part of shoes, and the white color decorates the part of shoes base. This has a different design of Holees Shoes Pink White having a string on the center of shoes. The shoes are sold at £29.99. The size is available in some sizes for kids. For the UK delivery, it gets £3.50 for the cost.

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